Component Procurement

With access to a range of local and overseas buying houses we can handle your complete bill of material, including your PCB's. We ship weekly from the US, Europe and the East.

Prototype Assembly

With our Mydata Solder Paste printer we are able to eliminate the need for stencils for prototype and 

pre-production assemblies.

ZA Electronics exclusively make use of Mydata Pick & Place Machines. We place components from a 01005 to a 55mm²

SMD Assembly 

We provide lead and lead-free assemblies and use only Seho Ovens.

All solder equipment is digitally monitored to maintain solder quality.

Thru-Hole Assembly

In conjunction with the integrated Mydata quality system we also provide an optical inspection process.


Should an assembly require further cleaning up to a Mil-SPEC specification, we can provide the service plus documentation. 


Board cleaning

An automated conformal coating system ensures that we can supply our customer with the continuous correct application they require.

Selective Conformal Coating
Functional testing

We can supply functional testing to our customer's requirements and specifications.


Mechanical Assembly

Mechanical assembly is supplied up to the point where the final product is packed into a blister pack or other product packaging ready for shipping.